Image above: 4th Biennial, Berlin, October 2016

The mission of the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography is the recognition and exhibition of new talents in artistic and documentary photography as well as the promotion of photography.

Organised for the first time in Madrid in 2010, after four editions it has become an event of international relevance, spreading contemporary artworks of different schools of thought, as well as experimental projects, and emotional and political manifestations. través de sus cuatro ediciones se ha convertido en una muestra de relevancia internacional, difundiendo obras contemporáneas de distintas escuelas de pensamiento, así como trabajos experimentales, y manifestaciones emocionales y políticas.

Works to be exhibited are selected by Jurors of international prestige in the field of photography, publishing, and curators, such as Mary Ellen Mark, Chris Steele- Perkins, Steve McCurry, Susan Zadeh, Philip Brookman, Kim Weston, Carol McCusker, Stephen Perloff, Chema Madoz, y Amber Terranova, to name a few, working jointly with the Biennial's curators, Julio Hirsch-Hardy y Analy Werbin.

Through the different editions the Biennial itinerate in different cities, and has been organised so far in the Cicle of Fine Arts, Madrid (2010), Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires (2012), Heritage Museum, Málaga (2014), and Palazzo Italia, Berlín (2016).

The 5th edition will be hosted in a non conventional venue: The space Nau Bostik, an initiative of the Catalonian architect Xavier Besana, has been installed in a factory that was abandoned for 10 years. After a hard work, still ongoing and with the Biennial activity cooperating nowadays, eleven halls totalizing 18,000n square feet, will be ready to host the Barcelona Foto Biennale, 5th edition of the Biennial. 

This is how Nau Bostik looks today, one month before the Biennial...

These are videos taken on September 25, nine days before the opening. Some halls are almost finished, but we will be using 9 halls (the entire Nau Bostik) so there’s still a lot of work to do. We’re working against the clock but confident that we’re building a unique space to host this 5th edition of the Biennial:

The following images and videos show the final steps of the setup and the general outlook of some of the halls. Detailed snap shots of all images exhibited will be posted right after closing the Biennial, along with a permanent online gallery.